Friday, June 17, 2011


Hi! My name is Ofentse Keatlaretse Mokgethi, a South African recording artist and actor. Motswako, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Soul & Feel Good Music - All these put together sum up my sound.

My music is a reflection of the South African society. I tell stories that are about dreams & hope.
It’s how they are packaged and delivered that is not as common. Nobody goes to a club to be
listen to someone preaching to them. So I use hot banging beats to deliver what I have to say.
If you move to the beat and something dope hits you from the lyrics in the process, I’ve more than done my job. My delivery is not so complex that you need special hearing aids to pick up what I’m saying, yet intriguing enough to make you wanna hear more. Where most rappers are concerned with the punchline routine, I look for play on words that would make a hardcore underground cat take note, while I deliver with a commercial flair that would ravel that of that of the most charismatic preacher.

What sets me apart from the pack is my versatility and the fact that I don’t sound like any other out there. Yes I rap in seTswana, Zulu, English & I been known to throw a lil' Afrikaans in there, but my delivery is unsurpassed. The industry doesn’t need another Jabba or Lil Wayne, so I offer them O.F.E” I will never understand a new artist comin' out soundin' like someone that's already in the game. I'm mean if you wanna get a Jabba album, you'll buy a Jabba album, not someone that sounds like Jabba. Artists out there need to bring their original selves. With me that's exactly what you get all me.